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संपत्ति प्रबंधन पोर्टल

Property Managment System

Citizen Charter
# Name of Service Time-limit (working days)
1 No Objection Certificate (NOC) for sale/gift/transfer of lease rights 45 days
2 Change of ownership/lease-hold rights on the basis of sale deed/Gift Deed/transfer of lease rights 25 days
3 Transfer on the basis of Intestate death /registered/un-registered Will; issuance of Public notice 35 days –Public Notice
4 Change of Ownership on the basis of intestate death registered/un-registered Will on application after Public Notice 15 days
5 Permission to Mortgage 35 days
6 Grant of extension in time limit for construction 35 days
7 Calculation and intimation of pending dues 35 days
8 Issuance of No dues Certificate (NDC) after depositing the dues, if any. 15 days
9 Execution of lease deed/conveyance deed after issuance of allotment letter 35 days
10 Issuance of receipt after depositing of demand draft 15 days
11 Issuance of allotment letter after clearance of dues 20 days
12 Offer of possession after execution of conveyance deed/lease deed 07 days
13 Conversion from lease hold to Free hold 35 days
14 Issuance of duplicate copies, (such as allotment letter, possession slip/physical possession form) 20 days
15 Transfer on any ground where court case is involved 30 days for public Notice* 20 days for Transfer*
16 Check and Receipts and payments for fresh and revised building plan (under self certification) 30 days
17 Sanction of fresh and revised building plan for Institutional building, Commercial building petrol pumps and residential building above 2 Kanal as approved by PAC (U) 45 days
18 Grant of plinth level(DPC level) 20 days
19 Grant of occupation Certificate upto 2 Kanal (Residential, Institutional and commercial Buildings) 45 days
20 Grant of occupation Certificate above 2 Kanal (Residential, Industrial & Institutional Buildings) Petrol pumps approved by PAC(U) Committee 60 days